The Fun of Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular  activities among the boys.In addition,most gentlemen's favourite relaxtion are fishing.Although I am a girl,I like fishing very much.As far as I am concerned,fishing is a good way to train my patience.
When I was 10 years old,I went fishing with my brother every weekend.I enjoyed every fishing time no matter I catch any fish or not.I will froget all my troubles when I am fishing.On the other hand I like watching different kinds of fish swim in the water.At that moment ,I thought all the fish and me were so free.I felt  my life was so beautiful and I was the most happy girl in the world.I miss my childhood very much and I hope I can return to that time.But there is no way at all.
Now,I have grew up for those years passed by.I am work in a small company every week.I feel lonely at the weekend when I stay in my home by myself.I can't go fishing any more as I live in this area.Therefroe,I spend most of my free time to surf the net and browse the on line store of mbt shoes ,hogan shoes,polo shirts or something like this.I may feel happy when I discover a good pair of MBT Changa for Women or Women's Lacoste Polos.But I think this fun can not as interesting as the one of fishing.Childhood is the most wonderful memory of my life.What do you think of yours?

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