Make New Friends

How do you make friends with strangers?Have you think of this ?Maybe you are become friends naturally.Or you do not like to make friends with strangers.I will share myself experience on this point with you .I hope it will give you some advices.
To be frank,I do not like to make friends with strangers.However,I have to make friends with strangers as I do a special job before.I worked as a saleswoman in a company before.Everyday I need to meet different people at different time.In addition,I have to make introduction of our products and let them to buy this products.Therefore ,I should make friends with those strangers.At the first sights,i will watch them closes to guess their personality.For example,if a man dress inHogan Men's Light Grey/Blue/Silver Shoes and Ralph Lauren Big Pony Polo Shirt Aqua,he must be a normal gentlemen.Then we can talk some news about the country,the work.If a girl dress in fashion,we can talk about her coat or trousers.If an old woman dress in rich colors ,we can talk about her excellent taste on garment.In a word ,you should discover the favorite of your customers.You will make a good relationship between you and your clients in this way.Do you think so ?
Maybe you have many different opinions on this point.Welcome to share your experience with us here.Let's study this special course together and we will enjoy a lot of fun

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