Handbag for Women

As it known to all that women need to take a hangbag for themselves. Do you know why? It is bacause they like handbags? No.For my part,it is convenient for women to take so many things for a handbag.They will put cellphone,money,cosmetics or a lot of other stuff they need into the handbag. As far as the women concerned,handbag is become a part of their daily life.Why?Because handbags make women feel security.

First, the handbags can give a woman a sense of security. Handbags as close partners, carry it, have a heart to rely on the pragmatic sense; handbags as close friend or parent, the most know too much. Love being a woman on the handbags reflects the needs of Maslow’s hierarchy are physiological needs — a sense of security on top of people’s instinctive needs. When women went out from their home, the bags are in the subconscious, and give them some kind of emotional support. In some cases, bags can also help them to ease the inner tension, and anxiety.

In addition, the bags are also women’s savior, so that they become more perfect. A woman not a man, sometimes you can not care about whether perfect man can put things such as daily use of mobile phones, cigarettes, keys, etc. on the personal pocket, but a woman can not do that, so they can not do without package.

Meanwhile, the handbags can reflect lifestyle and feminine. Handbags such as the Louis Vuitton Graffiti bags are the best jewelry with the dress, but also to change their way of feeling. For them, the selection, with the bag is a joyous thing, they never tired. Well with a leisurely handbag everywhere revealing the pursuit of their quality of life. From some woman’s bag, you can read her soft heart, a small space, the disorderly arrangement of the lipstick, eyebrow pencil, perfume, keys, wallet, phone, mobile phones, photos, etc., equal to the loud announced that they are very feminine.

Bag can sometimes reveal the owner was secret. For example, some women think that bags must be practical, or even like the briefcase to do. Like large handbags of women are mostly just outside the soft, wish to give the feeling of independence, but they often lack independent, worried about everything, we must control it in the hands of comfort.

Of course, there are few women do not like carry bags, but to get something trivial such as mobile phones, wallets, and plug in the pocket. Such women are generally “strong woman.” They have a kind of inner freedom and liberation that she has a strong desire. Hope to work with men on an equal footing, felt the need to put their own with some of the things that are too feminine to draw a line, such as handbags.

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